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CRAFTSCORES is the child of two small, specialized music publishers who know one thing: Nothing beats flexibility already from edition 1.

Our core business: printing sheet music for publishers.

We have been handling our own catalogues completely in-house since 2003: A healthy mix of bestsellers and rare editions with the lowest print runs. We are happy to share this infrastructure with you.

And we understand well what your needs are as a small or medium-sized publisher – after all, that is our background.

Musiknoten drucken für Verlage
Musiknoten drucken für Verlage

CRAFTSCORES is the answer to many questions.

Make your editions available on demand: We print at good conditions for print runs as low as 1. We only print (and, if you wish, deliver immediately) when your customer has placed an order and sales have been generated. We only need to have the edition digitized. If you wish, we can also digitize it for you – and even that can be done on demand, i.e. only when someone orders it.

That’s possible when you use our delivery service. If your issue is available digitally, it goes straight from the press into the mail: to you, your end customer, or to the retail trade.

Many old editions can be scanned without too much effort and also freed from the traces of time. It is also possible to replace the typographically often very old-fashioned looking inside titles with more contemporary ones. We also specialize in this – and it is usually less time-consuming than you might think. Please do not hesitate to ask!

You can scan your editions yourself and bring them into a condition that meets your requirements. If needed, we can also take care of this step for you. That’s all the preparation you need: once your edition is a print file, your work is done and you’re ready to go.

We print immediately after receipt of order and deliver daily to end customers and publishers, but also to wholesalers and numerous specialist retailers. If you are listed there, you can redirect the order processing to us. We then also handle delivery for the on-demand titles in your catalog – just as if your issues were sitting on our warehouse shelves.

Digitization is also worthwhile for many items on loan. For example, for titles that can no longer be loaned out after heavy use and must be produced anew, or for the quick provision of replacement or supplementary parts: We print in large format 243.5 x 330 millimeters, an optimal format for orchestral parts, and also specialize in orchestral materials when it comes to shipping. For rare and old rental materials, there is another reason for digitization. Paper decays and turns yellow – for many materials this means their end, they can then only be saved with great restoration effort. Timely digitization protects against this and makes the materials immediately available.

Digital distribution of sheet music is far from being a standard, but it is increasingly in demand. There are already several functioning systems that sell sheet music files. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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You would like to use our print-on-demand service for your success? Our expertise: printing sheet music for publishers. We look forward to printing for you!