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As performing musicians, you have to deal with sheet music a lot – and you know where problems lurk, where costs could be reduced and quality increased. We have been supplying orchestras, choirs and other professional musicians for many years and can almost always help.

Musiknoten drucken für Chor und Orchester
Musiknoten drucken für Chor und Orchester

CRAFTSCORES is the answer to many questions.

We also print sheet music of all kinds for choirs, orchestras and other performers. Since we produce economically from edition 1, you do not have to be a publisher or bulk buyer. For example, if you want to perform a commissioned composition and only have PDF files, if you have written your own work for your choir and need piano reductions or choral scores, then we are the right choice for you.

Turn old into new: This is actually possible for many issues. If you have old stocks in the archive that are no longer usable in this way, they can usually be graphically restored and reprinted without any problems. This sounds expensive, but it is often cheaper and faster than creating a new edition. The only thing to consider is the copyright status of the edition. For the vast majority of the original classical repertoire, however, this protection has long since expired.

If you have cleared the printing rights or no property rights exist: Send us your file and your requirements, and we’ll start printing.

If you have already had your materials printed, you can always reorder supplementary voices. If not, you can scan the original voice and hand it over to us for printing. Be sure to observe the copyright and usage rights. However, publishers often approve such self-prints without any problems.

If the template allows it graphically and copyright-wise, that’s no problem. Often, however, the files have to be prepared somewhat, for example to remove impurities or to correct incorrect positioning and formats. You can do this yourself, you can commission us to do it – or, if it’s enough for you, we can also print cheaply 1:1 from IMSLP files. In any case, we print on professional music paper in suitable formats and bindings.

If you want to digitize your collections, we are happy to help. As a service provider for music publishers, we have years of experience in scanning, editing, correcting and graphical revision of old music scores. We also have long experience with the physical handling of old and fragile music. For example, we work with renowned orchestras to digitize works that are often only available as last copies in the archives in a future-proof manner and make them widely available again as reprints in good quality.


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We are familiar with technical production, as musicians we know how music works – and we have been well versed in copyright law for years. This allows us to tap into many potentials that make professional music-making cheaper and easier.

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